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60% Return on Investment.

Welcome to Global Seed Box

We are an international Social Helping Community

There is no Central Account and the System Completely Belongs To You.

Money is a SEED!
Don't Eat all your Seeds. Plant some of those seeds, when they mature eat from your HARVEST and repeat the process. Wealth is not a jackpot. You don't wake up one morning and meet wealth rather you deliberately plant it, water it and wait for it to GROW. Remember to always repeat the process so it will continue to grow.
INVESTMENT is the KEY. Be Wise!!!

How It Works

Below gives brief details about how the platform fully works


Register & Activate

After registering on the platform, activate your account with a One Time Membership Fee of 0.00023 ($4).


Invest & Reap

Invest between 0.0011 - 0.23 & get 60% on first seed in 5 days and subsequently 60% in 10days.


Recommitment Policy

You Must SOW 100% of your initial SEED or more to continuously get 60% interest upon investment.


Sow & Harvest

Merging to sow or harvest takes Place from 0 to 48 hours. So make sure you regularly check your dashboard.


Continuous Investment

Please do take note that you can't sow a seed less than the previous one. You must sow exact or more.


Referral Bonuses

Earn 15% from the first seed of your direct downlines and subsequently earn 2% of any seed from their investment.

Consultant Earnings

Consultant/Super Consultants

With 15 active users under you, you automatically become a consultant. Consultants who have 10 active consultants under them automatically become super consultants. Consultants with 15 active users under them will be paid $60 every 21st day of a month!!! Super consultants with 10 active consultants under them will be paid $150 every 21stday of a month!!!

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in the society thereby reducing the increasing level of hunger, poverty and unemployment in Africa and the world at large.

Our Vision: To reach out to at least 280,000,000 people World-wide who have a common goal and willingness to make, manage and multiply their Financial Capacity.

What Our Investors
Think About Us?

Terms of platform usage

General Terms And Conditions

By using the service you are bound by these General Terms & Conditions together with any other terms and conditions that may be applicable for a specific type of service we make available, rules, any terms and conditions and/or rules applicable to the bonus, rewards, special offers or any other promotions that may be made available on the website. The Terms Of Use contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Participants and the Admin and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings.

Reach out to us via whatsapp:

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