GSB Top Questions And Answers!

How it Works

You declare the willingness to SOW after which you HARVEST thus your earnings will be rewarded with 60% of the Sown SEED on a basis of 6% daily to be cashed out every 10 days.
One Time Membership Activation Fee of $4.
Limit: $15 - $3,000

Recommitment policy:

You Must SOW 100% of your initial SEED or more. You Receive 60% of your first SEED in 5 days on a basis of 12% daily for first timers (First Timers Bonus) and subsequently 60% in 10days on a basis of 6% daily.

We currently accept payments in your country's local currency and in Bitcoin as well.

Merging to SOW or HARVEST Takes Place from 0 to 48 hours. You can't SOW a SEED less than the previous one. You can only SOW a SEED of the same amount or more.


Referral Bonus of 15% from the first SEED of direct downlines and subsequently 2% of any SEED from direct Downlines.

Bonus Harvesting: The minimum harvest is $4

Please Note: Any bonus you want to harvest must be added to any of your seed that is due for harvest.

No Harvesting of only Bonuses
Consultant/Super Consultants

With 15 Active Users Under you, u automatically become a consultant. Consultants who have 10 Active Consultants under them automatically become Super Consultants.

Consultants Earnings

Consultants with 15 active users under them will be paid $60 every 21st day of a month!!! Super consultants with 10 Active Consultants under them will be paid $150 every 21st day of a month!!!